Ladies Who Strategize Slack Group
A Slack group for women whose core specialty lies in strategy: content, business, brand, communication, digital, social.. you name it we've got at least two!

The group exists to provide an army of strategy lovin' ladies with new friends, resources, tools, and networks.
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If you aren't, this may not be the right slack group for you- but don't fret!

Instead, check out where you'll find a slack community of badass women from all professions.
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If your current title does not include the word 'strategist' or 'strategy' in it, please explain in detail how strategy is the biggest part of the work you do. Not a side dish, the full enchilada.
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Our group promotes sharing knowledge, helping others, and making new strategy pals.

It is not meant for self promotion, hate, or bullies. In short, if you get an invite, don't be a dick.

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